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The nvctr package implements the n-vector approach to geographical position calculations using an ellipsoidal model of Earth as described in (Gade 2010).

Implementations in various computer languages can be found at the n-vector page (Navigation Group 2010).


You can install the development version of nvctr from GitHub with:


or the CRAN version (when this package will land to CRAN):


nvctr can be used to solve geographical position calculation like (example numbers refer to the ones in the vignette):

  • Calculate the surface distance between two geographical positions (Example 5).
  • Find the destination point given start point, azimuth/bearing and distance (Example 8).
  • Find the mean position (center/midpoint) of several geographical positions (Example 6).
  • Find the intersection between two paths (Example 9).
  • Find the cross track distance between a path and a position (Example 10).


Gade, Kenneth. 2010. “A Non-Singular Horizontal Position Representation.” Journal of Navigation.

Navigation Group, FFI. 2010. “The N-Vector Page.”